Hannah Hoch - Nude Woman Collage

Dada – Pioneering the Patriarchy?

This Long Read blog is inspired in part by my current teaching on Germany in the inter-war years and partly as a self-admonition to visit the current Tate Modern exhibition on Weimar Germany! Titled “Magic Realism” (and on until 14 July), this free show promises an encounter with the “uncanny and mysterious” through the art … Continue reading Dada – Pioneering the Patriarchy?

The Tanks at Tate: Olafur Eliasson and Susan Philipsz

Darkness and light, experimentation and tradition, independence and the institution; Tate Modern has always been a space of contradictions. It’s imposing, seemingly impenetrable brick façade welcomes all visitors – to irreverently pay their respects at the temple of modern art.

Upfest Bristol 2015 – A Photo Update

Yesterday, I attended Upfest Festival in Bristol’s Bedminster and Southville. Its Europe’s largest, free street art and graffiti festival – with over 250 leading artists demonstrating their formidable skills. The artists have travelled from twenty-five countries, and across the UK, to paint live on 30,000 square foot of surfaces in front of 25,000 visitors. It … Continue reading Upfest Bristol 2015 – A Photo Update

SARAH LUCAS: The Venice Biennale, France and Feminism

The 2015 Venice Biennale is now underway, and chosen to represent Britain, is artist Sarah Lucas. Her show, entitled, I SCREAM DADDIO is said to "reprise and reinvent the themes that have come to define her powerfully irreverent art – gender, death, sex, and the innuendo residing in everyday objects." The show revolves around themes … Continue reading SARAH LUCAS: The Venice Biennale, France and Feminism

Edmund Clark and Peter Schmersal at Flowers Gallery

This week saw the opening of two exhibitions at Flowers Gallery: the work of photographer, Edmund Clark and the painter, Peter Schmersal. Although two very different shows, with very different atmospheres ­– the themes raised by each artist successfully manage to complement and elaborate on the work of the other. Peter Schmersal (a German artist from Berlin) produces … Continue reading Edmund Clark and Peter Schmersal at Flowers Gallery