A Celebration of Ignorance

Standing motionless with all his might, blood pumping and senses stinging, Zhongni felt the silken fur glide against his right shin. The creature circled around and in-between his legs, delicately negotiated his feet, and disappeared back into the darkness.

The waiting continued. The anticipation of discovery grew.

The delicate click clack of claws filled the void.

Zhongni prepared.

With a pounce of unrivalled ferocity, he leapt across the room, outstretched hands grasping at black air. 


Unsatisfied, but hopeful as ever, he resumed his original position.



This was my entry for an online flash fiction competition (under 100 words). I am relatively new to creative writing (curating and editing non-fictional books for a profession), and I would love to develop my short story writing. As such, any feedback, discussion, advice, comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated!  – Thanks, Amelia.



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