Art, Antlers and Exploration

O, what a world of profit and delight, Of power, of honour, of omnipotence, Is promis’d to the studious artisan! Doctor Faustus.  Faustus, the protagonist of Christopher Marlowe’s play; the ever aspiring scientist who sought mastery over nature through intellectual means, would probably have enjoyed Antler’s latest exhibition!  Its starting point is ‘human technology and … Continue reading Art, Antlers and Exploration

Moore and Rodin – Modern Sculpture at Compton Verney

Compton Verney, a beautiful stately home in the midst of the Warwickshire countryside, has been home – as of late – to two giants of modern sculpture: Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin In the Capability Brown landscape, the two sculptors sit side by side – evidencing the remarkable parallels, contradictions and dialogue between their works.  … Continue reading Moore and Rodin – Modern Sculpture at Compton Verney