As part of my work, I help many young adults who have struggled in one way or another with anxiety issues. We work hard on slowly building confidence, enjoyment and trust – all vital parts of facilitating academic learning. For a small number of students however, confidence and anxiety can have a debilitating impact on their schoolwork and personal wellbeing. Needless to say, these feelings are multiplied in the run-up to exam time – a period when it is so important to ensure that young people (and parents) are paying as much attention to their mental and physical health as they are to their revision.

A daily yoga practice is something that has been invaluable to me personally, and something that is a wonderful thing for young people to take part in. This doesn’t have to be every day, or even every week, a few classes during a tricky period can sometimes be all that is needed to kick-start a new pattern of thinking. In essence, yoga is a series of movements designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance – calming your internal monologue and encouraging positive self-reflection and meditation. With all this in mind, I have put together a list of nearby yoga studios that offer classes for children and teenagers. Good luck, and happy practice on the mat. Namaste!

The Power Yoga Co, Parsons Green

The Power Yoga Company offer classes tailored to specific age groups – Kids (5-7), Kids (8-12), and Teens Yoga. For teens, these classes take place in a relaxed and informal setting, which focuses on lowering stress levels and improving confidence, strength and flexibility. It offers an empowering, non-competitive form of movement regardless of fitness levels.

Earth Life, Kew Bridge

Earth Life operate on a termly basis – and it is best to check the website (or give them a call) for up to date timetables. Currently on offer is a 7 week “Teen Yoga” course, suitable for 13-16 year olds. Participants explore traditional hatha yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation, all of which aid in relieving stress from academic pressures.

Bhuti Yoga, Richmond

Bhuti list several classes suitable for children on their schedule, including kids’ yoga for 4-10 years old, classes for 11+, and “Bhuti Burn for Kids”. The studio describes themselves as “an eco-wellbeing escape” providing a refuge from the stresses and strains of modern life. As an added bonus, there are plenty of spa treatments on offer if any parents need a bit of TLC too!

Young Yogis, Home Visits

Camille and Serena of Young Yogis hold classes at The Power Yoga Co., but also teach privately in the convenience of your own home. Classes can be for up to 6 children at a time, and would be perfect for a group of friends. Various levels offered – for children, teens, and even babies.

YogaHub, Mortlake

YogaHub is the studio I attend, and they do advertise “Kids and Teens” yoga – although these don’t appear to be currently running. Private lessons are available however, which would be great for any young person particularly nervous about getting started.

YogaBellies, Richmond

For the mums and really tiny ones, Triona from YogaBellies offers unique and nourishing pre and postnatal yoga for mums and mums-to-be. The focus is on alignment, fusion of breath with movement, and deep restorative poses to strengthen and relax mind and body.  Classes are held at the Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot, and in the dance studio in Rize, St Margarets Road.

Any studios I’ve missed – or any comments on your personal experience to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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