As a tutor specialising in English, History and Philosophy – I rarely get the chance to talk with students in detail about the STEM side of the curriculum. Despite this, you’d be amazed how often I get asked (even in English lessons) – What’s a Black Hole? How did the world start? How big is space? Evidently it’s a lot more interesting than apostrophes…. It’s a topic that endlessly fascinates especially my younger pupils, and a wonderful way to start discussions and generally promote curiosity in learning – no matter what the topic.

With this in mind, I was so pleased to see a series of events coming up across Chiswick, Hammersmith and Kingston upon Thames – focusing on making science interactive and fun for younger audiences. Explorer Dome South East (a mobile planetarium based in the area) are putting on shows at the Richard Mayo Centre in Kingston on Saturday 14th December, St Michaels Church, Chiswick on 21st December and Kings Mall, Hammersmith on 22nd December – taking parents and children on a story-telling tour of the stars.

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Explorer Dome South East are inviting parents and children (c.3-12 years) to join them for a fun morning of science, stories and tours of the night sky – all taking place inside their unique mobile planetarium.

Here, you can learn about the awe and wonder of space through a story-telling, interactive introduction to the earth, moon, sun and stars. Through a combination of beautiful visuals and lively, interactive presenting, they teach attendees to recognise that the sun is a star, find out why the sun moves across the sky, look for different phases of the moon, and discover how to spot the pictures and stories in the stars.

Taking place during December, it sounds like a perfect treat for any curious kids – as well as a educational outing for equally inquisitive mums and dads. You can find more information and buy tickets (£5 per person) for the shows on Hoop:

Saturday 14th December: Richard Mayo Centre, Kingston upon Thames (10am & 11.10am)

More information >

Saturday 21st December: St Michaels Church, Elmwood Road, Chiswick (2pm)

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Sunday 22nd December: King’s Mall Shopping Centre, Hammersmith (Shows at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm)

More information >

For more information on Explorer Dome’s work with schools and communities, take a look at their website.

Do you have any other suggestions for fun and educational activities for parents and children across South West London this Christmas? If so, do get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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