With summer (finally!) upon us and everyone looking forward to the end of term, July is a great month to head-out on some family friendly fun. I’ve selected some of the best activities across Chiswick, Kew and Mortlake to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and all that our wonderful area of South West London has to offer.

I am an academic tutor after all, so each suggestion has a “hidden” educational benefit. Have fun, and happy exploring.

Chiswick House: The Lord Chamberlain's Men Present A Midsummer Night's Dream

Chiswick House: The Lord Chamberlain’s Men Present A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

A popular (and fantastically fun) play for Key Stage Three English students – why not supplement your child’s Shakespeare studies with a bit of live theatre?

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, the UK’s premier all male theatre company, invite you to join them this summer to celebrate their 15th year with Shakespeare’s enchanting comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

10 July. Tickets £16. More information from Chiswick House.

The National Archives: Britain's Cold War Revealed

The National Archives: Britain’s Cold War Revealed

The Cold War forms a key part of the popular Edexcel GCSE syllabus – and what better way to spark interest in this period than from the primary material itself? This exhibition explores the impact of the Cold War on Britain, from the corridors of power and hidden government bunkers to daily life in the home. Discover the real evidence of what happened during this turbulent era of secrets and paranoia.

There’s also a great variety of (child and adult friendly) talks on at the archives throughout July – hopefully something for everyone.

4 April – 9 November 2019. Free entry. More information from the National Archives.

Hampton Court Palace: Have a go at "Real Tennis" or take a look at Henry VIII's kitchens

Hampton Court Palace: Have a go at “Real Tennis” or take a look at Henry VIII’s kitchens

The Tudors are never far away from school curricula – most notably the current AQA A Level course which focuses on Henry VII and Henry VIII. Whatever age your children are, there is a multitude of fun events on at Hampton Court Palace this summer…. the Tudor cookery and tennis are particular highlights though!

Did you know that as a young man, Henry VIII was a keen and talented tennis player who spent hours on court. His second wife Anne Boleyn was gambling on a game of tennis when she was arrested to be taken to the Tower of London. She even complained that she couldn’t collect her winnings!

Events throughout July. More from Hampton Court Palace.

Barnes Common: Crafty Science (7-14 years)

Barnes Common: Crafty Science (7-14 years)

Get out and about on Barnes Common. Be creative, help the Keeper find lost words, and be one of the first to strengthen the Portals!

Finders Keepers is a creative and interactive way to integrate outdoor and classroom learning, and gives students voice to share and deepen understanding of their own local outdoor spaces. Whether drawing down memories of out-of-school time spent on the Common, or through an organised group visit, there are strong links with art, literacy, citizenship, science and maths.

29 July. £15. More information and events from Barnes Common.

Chiswick Food Market (Grove Park Farm House)

Chiswick Food Market (Grove Park Farm House)

What better way to introduce your child to issues surrounding sustainability, the environment and food production than with a thoroughly delicious farmers market? From personal experience, I’ve found food always helps learning… Hopefully there will be some tasters going!

The market seeks to increase farm incomes and provide high quality seasonal foods to urban communities. They encourage sustainable methods of food production, and support traditional animal breeds, organic fruit and vegetable varieties. The aim is to encourage Londoners to take a greater interest in food production and rural issues.

Every Sunday. Free entry. Visit Food Market Chiswick for more information.

Have you been to any of these activities, or do you have something that you think should make the list? Get in touch and let me know.

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